three random things #1

Welcome to the first episode of "three random things", where I use Spot Check to load 3 random items and then I tell you what I found.

There's a lot of stuff in here... some modern, professionally produced video content and websites... and some a bit more homegrown! I'm moderating what's added to the Archive to a certain extent, but also trying to be inclusive of all styles, cultures, levels of achievement, and varying interests, as long as it has some relevance to the community.

So there are some short demo clips, some people teaching, people talking, people silently doing forms, people suffering in standing postures for various lengths of time and filming it for your viewing pleasure, and of course a healthy number of blurry videos with insanely loud traditional Chinese music playing the entire time.

Without further ado... the first three things!

It looks like I found some decent variety and nothing too weird for the first round.

  1. For starters we have a guy named Kenji (based on the Youtube comments) being a very good crash test dummy for Master Su Dong Chen, who explains some theory and applications at a seminar from 2000. 
  2. Second is a "Tai Chi Step by Step For Beginners" video by Master Song, who is currently offering some pretty cool looking online courses over here:
  3. And third is a 20-minute video of a group of people doing a qigong set called "Six Unity Exercise". Looks like a nice set for a class in a pretty rooftop location. Produced by Simon Blow Qigong.

Did you answer a Spot Check question today?