Liu He Qigong - Six Unity Exercise

Liu He Qigong - Six Unity Exercise
This video is the full 20 minute practice that you can use to practice with us. Simon Blow Qigong:

Liu He Gong – Six Unity Exercise is an ancient health cultivation practise which has been influenced by the philosophy of Daoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Martial Arts and further developed by experts and Professors at the Shanghai Qigong Research Institute.  

The word Liu He refers to the six directions upward, downward, East, West, South and North.  

The exercise allows the practitioner to connect with and become an integral part of the universe and united with heaven and earth.

Movement No 1. -  Ascend, Descend, Open and Close
Movement No 2. -   Exhale the old and inhale the new
Movement No 3. – Ascending the clean energy and descending the stale energy
Movement No 4. -  Turn the body to look back
Movement No 5. - Relax the fascia and stretch the body
Movement No 6. -  Leap on a horse to draw a box

Recorded September 2017 on the Guangzhou China hotel roof top during the Simon Blow Qigong Study Tour

Please practise with us.

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