BaGua Zhang - Crossed Methods - Shuttle Palm - Master Su Dong Chen


Here, Master Su Dong Chen demonstrates variations on material developed out of the "Application of Opening/Outside Movement ("Whip Hands") - Consistent Method" video clip posted prior to this one. This part of the seminar was after developing outside movement power - the quickness, snap and "towel-like" feel that the arms and hands need.

Following the first "Consistent Method" application (again, refer to the previously posted video), here we follow the training as it moves into a very practical application - as opposed to an application oriented more towards training - that ends with a standing choke. Various other alternatives,including an application of shuttle palm and some throws are demonstrated. The clip ends with how to handle it when your own hand is grabbed while "shuttling."

( I also refer viewers to the "Tui Shou"/"Sticky Hands"/"Push Hands" video here: ).

This seminar was filmed at the ...