About Tai Chi Spot

Hello! Welcome to Tai Chi Spot.

My goal here is to build some things that help individuals and schools around the world share, learn and preserve the internal arts in a 2024 kind of way.

I want a better way for the community to organize and sort through this endless stream of content scrolling past us in the 10,000 social media channels. Also, as a student, I want to promote my teacher's arts and help other teachers around the world do the same.

This has been a "nights and weekends" project for so long... Thank you to everyone who checked it out in the early days and offered morale support. Special thanks to my internal arts instructor and close friend Jim Russo, who has shared his knowledge and love of these arts with me over the years. He is a highly skilled practitioner of the arts and I'm honored to have his support with this project.

The driving intent behind this website is service to the internal arts community. I will try to keep ads to a minimum. You will occasionally see affiliate links to Amazon books or products. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, which means Amazon pays me a small referral fee for sending business their way. Thank you for your support as we build something for the community.

Train well,