Relax, Sink, Fang Song

How do you relax? What is fang song? Softness, release, loosening, sinking, opening - there are many ways this is explained and many techniques to obtain the skills. The bottom line is you must train the body if you want it to change. You can't read your way to open joints and a relaxed, open physical state. Your body must be opened and "softened" over time with regular practice. However, there are real methods to get results! Find a teacher who embodies a high level of release and listen to their instructions closely.

Learning to release has a wide variety of profound impacts on our lives. Releasing physical tension can unblock stagnant energy and clear out trapped emotions, allowing you to heal "body, mind, and spirit". We walk around every day with muscles contracted or in a constant state of spasm without even being aware of the problem. When you start to learn release through tai chi, it can be a frustrating experience: one of your muscles starts to unclench and you're thrilled, but immediately afterwards you notice how another one is holding on, or how your body is out of balance. The good news is at least you are becoming aware of the issue and have some understanding of how to work through it.

This collection starts off with a great interview with Master Yang Jun, followed by several articles and videos explaining song, opening and loosening the joints, and the related physical training. Numbers 2 through 5 demonstrate actual physical training used to achieve high levels of release.

I also included a few videos demonstrating the application of song and ting. Enjoy!

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