Chen Style Tai Chi - Newcastle, Australia

Learn Tai Chi at your own pace with our private lessons in Newcastle area.
Experience the gentle flowing movements of Tai Chi and treat your whole body to a gentle and relaxing workout.

Tai Chi was originated in the Chen Village, China by combining the traditional knowledge of martial arts, Chinese Medicine and Qi gong. Today, tai chi has gained its popularity due to its immense health benefits. The beautiful meditative tai chi movements have shown positive results in improving mental and physical health of its practitioners.

Many perceive Tai Chi as an art for the elderly people. This is not true. Chen Tai Chi is getting popular among young practitioners for its health benefits and combative applications including powerful strong 'Fajing' movements.

Experience the gentle flowing movements of Tai Chi and treat your whole body to a gentle and relaxing workout with us. . .


Indishe Senanayake started training Chen Style Tai Chi in 2006 under Master Liu Yong, an indoor student of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, 19th generation Chen Family inheritor. Indishe, an Okinawan Karate teacher with over 20 years of experience, introduced Chen Tai Chi to the general public of Sri Lanka for its health benefits. Many foreigners have trained Chen Style Tai Chi at his own Heiwa Martial Arts Academy in Sri Lanka. Indishe introduced 'Tai Chi for Health and Fitness' Programme as a part of the curriculum of engineering students at the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in 2014 as an elective humanities module.

Indishe moved to Newcastle, NSW in mid 2016 to commence his PhD at the University of Newcastle. Currently, he is available for private lessons around Newcastle at his off hours.

Our Classes:
We only offer private lessons at the moment. Please contact the instructor to arrange a time. Training is one on one with 100% personal attention of the instructor unless you wish to include a small group of friends.
Our personal tuition is tailored to match with your requirements, abilities and pace.

Private tution fee can vary based on the distance. Classes can be arranged at your own home.

Our Syllabus:

- Chen Tai Chi joint loosening exercises wamr up
- Qi Gong and deep breathing exercises
- Meditation and relaxation exercises
- Chen Tai Chi Silk Reeling energy exercises
- Chen Tai Chi 4 direction form
- Chen Tai Chi 9 Form (Liu Yong)
- Chen Tai Chi 18 Form (Chen Zhenglei)
- Lao Jia 15 Form
- lao Jia 39 Form
- Lao Jia Yilu
- Chen Tai Chi applications
- Push hands

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Contact: indishe@gmail. com

Tai Chi: "The secret to anti-aging" it's the "miracle exercise" for people seeking to avoid drugs, surgery and expensive doctor bills. ~ Dr. Mehmet Oz