Disciples of Yang Cheng Fu

Yang Cheng Fu had many students in his relatively short few decades teaching the Yang Family's Tai Chi Chuan. He taught without the firm secrecy of his predecessors, with a particular interest in spreading knowledge of Tai Chi throughout China after the Revolution of 1911. He is said to have made the form a bit easier to perform, with less extreme kicks and more of a focus on gentle movements, encouraging health and healing through song (release) and the continuous flow of qi from movement to movement. In this collection we feature 9 of Yang Cheng Fu's disciples.

Yang Cheng Fu's sons (Yang Shouzhong, Yang Zhen Ji, Yang Zhenduo, and Yang Zhenguo) are all here out of respect, although his last two sons were only about 10 and 8 years old when he passed in 1936. They all likely learned much from his disciples and the youngest three are all alive as of this posting.

There is a very enlightening book, compiled and translated by Douglas Wile, called "Tai Chi Touchstones: Yang Family Secret Transmissions". If you're interested in learning more about Yang Family Tai Chi, it is absolutely well worth reading (more than once!) You can find it on Amazon... you might want to check the used seller options which can be a bit more affordable.

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