A collection of Cheng Man Ch'ing

This is a collection of old, rare footage and information resources about The Professor! Whether you train his style or not, some of this old footage is too good to miss. I love the laughter and camaraderie near the end of #1.

Cheng Man Ch'ing was a student of Yang Cheng Fu and widely acknowledged as one of the most influential tai chi masters in recent history. Several of his students became well known instructors themselves. He brought a simplified version of Yang Family style tai chi chuan to the United States and thousands of tai chi practitioners train his 37 form exclusively.

The first book below is a collection of essays by master Cheng. It is an amazing read for anyone curious to learn more about tai chi and some of the deeper theory. The second is a book detailing the 37 movement form. There's also a link here to a documentary by Barry Strugatz, telling the story of how Cheng Man Ch'ing shared his tai chi with the world.

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