YIQUAN HEALTH SETThe Yiquan Yang Sheng Set is a great standing set for balancing the body both structurally and energetically . i have used the set for years to chase away all manner of illness from Cancer to Osteo Necrosis to IBS to Depression to Diabetes . A Student of mine used these to lower his blood sugar from 250 to 110 in two weeks . i can't praise this set enough . The postures are held for 1-3 minutes to start and building with time to suite your needs and goals . It is important that the eyes gaze above the horizon and that one releases any unnecessary tension . This will require that one seeks the correct alignment of the bones . In the beginning it is important to stand in each posture for an even amount of time in attempt to acquire balance. Practitioners will often abandon particular postures as they are uncomfortable with the uncontrollable shaking that may occur. This shaking is actually a sign that your body is trying to break through a blockage. It is advisable that you actually spend more time in those postures where you are experiencing shaking.
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Added on August 23rd, 2016
Last updated: September 3rd, 2016