Yang Style Tai Chi 108 Form 3 of 3

Yang style Taijiquan at Wudangshan. Part 3 of 3
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Beyond just learning an external form or forms, a student's emphasis "must" also focus on applying the "essential" internal principles of Taijiquan as specified by the Taiji classics, such as.....sinking , roundness , using the mind and not force, applying of the "Yi" (heart/mind), "Qi" (energy) & "Shen" (spirit) in one's form.
Mindfulness to body alignment, raising the spirit, coordinating upper and lower parts of the body, etc. is demanded.
The achievement of "stillness in motion", "moving as one" distinguishing clearly between full & empty ", gathering & releasing, opening & closing and making the energy flow evenly thru all the meridian channels is always the challenge for everyone regardless of level..
This discipline of "internal work" with careful" intention" and "attention to detail" with consistent practice over an extended period is required if real benefit and progress is to be expected.
The rewards are well worth the effort.
Shirfu Peter Tam-Hoy
Hilo Hawaii 2009
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Added on April 29th, 2019
Last updated: July 12th, 2019