Wu Xing (Five Elements) Qi Gong - 五行 气功 - Master Giuseppe Paterniti Lupo

Wu Xing Qigong (五行 气功) is based on the Five Elements theory within Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is a very old theory and focuses on how the five elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) can be closely observed within nature and man. Since these elements are closely linked to the human organs, the regular practice of Wu Xing Qi Gong regulates the energy system and improves the functionality of the human organs. This in turn increments vitality and psychophysical wellbeing.

Master Giuseppe Paterniti is Technical Director of STONE TEMPLE TAO and AMHA (Alliance for Martial and Healing Arts), an Organization of Schools in Italy and abroad. He conducts professional training courses (recognized by AMHA, FIWUK and CSEN / CONI) and national and international seminars.

For information about STONE TEMPLE TAO - Qi Gong and Taiji Quan School, please visit:
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For information about AMHA (Alliance for Martial and Healing Arts), please visit:
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For information about Master Giuseppe Paterniti, please visit:
www.paterniti.it (this website shows all Paterniti’s activities)
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Email: [email protected]
Phone. (+39) 393 0065154
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Added on August 21st, 2017
Last updated: August 28th, 2017