Wu (Hao) Tai Chi - Master Liu Jishun - 武式太極拳


Wu (Hao) Tai Chi (武式太極拳) - 49 form - Liu Jishun.

World's Leading Wu (Hao) Style Tai Chi Expert - Master Liu Jishun

Master Liu Jishun is one of the world's leading experts on the Wu (Hao) style tai chi and has more than 40 years of experience in the practicing and teaching of the style. He is frequently invited in Chinese national tai chi events as the spokesperson for the Wu (Hao) style, which is one of the five major traditional styles (the other four are Chen [including Zhaobao], Yang, Sun, and Wu [Chien Chuan] styles) of tai chi.

Rich Heritage - 23 Years with the Grand Master

Master Liu started learning Wu (Hao) tai chi from Grand Master Hao Shaoru in 1960 in Shanghai, China. He became Hao's teaching assistant in 1963, when he also started to demonstrate the style alongside Grand Master Hao in public. In 1981, Grand Master Hao formally recognized Liu as his most advanced student when he asked Liu to represent the ...