Willem de Thouars The Master Tapes - Old Hand Kuntao

New From http://www.MastodonProductions.comWillem de Thouars, known to his friends and students as "Uncle Bill", is one of the world's greatest living martial arts masters. Born in East Java in 1936, he has trained almost continuously in internal and external martial arts-- Chinese, Indonesian, and Western--for more than 70 years.Old Hand Kuntao Training introduces the methods by which Uncle Bill built a foundation of rooting, functional strength, mobility and explosive power that lasts a lifetime. Many of these training methods are virtually unknown today, not only in the West but in Asia as well. Sections in this incredible 2-hour DVD, culled from more than 25 years of footage of Uncle's Classes, seminars, and "closed door" sessions, include:--Horse Stance Training (the "old school" way)--Rocks, Trees and other Equipment Training--2-Person Power Exercises--Rooting in Static Positions and in Motion--Chi Kung for Power and Healing--Body Conditioning--Mobility Training; and much more.This is the first in a 12-DVD Series, WILLEM DE THOUARS: THE MASTER TAPES, to be released by Mastodon Productions, one per month, over the next year. (NOTE: Unlike other DVD's available, the Mastodon Productions series has the full authorization of Uncle Bill and 50% of profits from the series go directly to him.)
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Added on September 19th, 2016
Last updated: September 19th, 2016