What I Did For Wrist Joint Pain and Tendon Inflammation - Taichi Qigong with Karen Atkins

If you have ever experienced a sprained wrist or a bicep tendonitis, you will know how awfully painful it can be and you may ask yourself "what is inflammation and why has it happened to me"?

Treat yourself to some relief of your shoulder muscles with this marvelous set of Karen Atkins' Tai Chi Chuan/Qigong exercises.

This Thai Chi movement helps the energy flow through all the joints and it's also been said to help with asthma and other conditions that affect breathing.

This whirl movement should also help with shoulder blade pain as well as shoulder joint pain. It also helps the kidneys with the critical job of detox and hormone balancing as well as energy storage.

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Karen is a Certified Wudang Qigong Instructor.

Music in 432 hz: The music playing in the video showcases Karen’s original song recorded in A = 432 hz, a tuning that is said to have a harmonious effect on the brain and the heart. Karen conducted a 'Frequency Tour' field study with over 200 participants across the US, proving that her music lowers perceived stress and physical discomfort levels while also elevating mood.

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Added on April 24th, 2019
Last updated: July 7th, 2019