Training of Anal Breathing Qigong Low-abdominal Breathing & Pelvic Pumping with Gluteal Muscle

Dr. Lin's Aquila Anal Breathing Qigong combines three fundamental exercises: 1. low-abdominal breathing and pelvic pumping with gluteal muscle contraction against tailbone, also known as Qigong's "Sink Qi to DanTian" and Tantra Yoga's "Activate the Root Chakra and the Sacral Chakra," 2). Horse-riding stance pelvic muscle stretching also known as "Open The Root Chakra" to initiate the pelvic floor blood circulation in conjunction with activation of both the muscular- and neuro-endocrine function and spinal/vagus nervous function via piezoelectric effects on biomass (for examples: bones, ligaments, muscles, nervous fibers, blood vessels, tenders, cartilages and so on) for generation of Qi, and 3). spinal cord compression, thoracic expansion, and thyroid/throat stretching in the upper body.
If you want to learn how to "Sink Qi to DanTian," lay your back on a flat floor, put a 10-lb weight on the middle point between your pubis and navel point, and inhale to lift the weight up while exhaling to let it down. You can also include gluteal muscle contraction in the belly weightlifting with deep pelvic breathing and pumping. Repeat this low-abdominal weightlifting for 100 times. Then move the weight 1 inch closer to your pubis, and repeat the low-abdominal weightlifting for 100 times. In about 1 week, you will know how to apply a light pressure against your bladder. The low-abdominal position is where the bladder is located.
When you get used to this Qigong breathing with gluteal muscle contraction, you basically train the pelvic muscle reflex control via purkinje cells in the cerebellum of the spinocerebellum pathway way. It is very important to switch the nervous reflex control form the PC muscle to the tailbone muscle, so that you won't activate the orgasmic switches in discs L1-L3 for men. For women, it can turn on the L1-L3 circuits via the PC muscle contraction and mind-focusing (somatically).
Martial Arts use the same nervous pathway to train reflexes of the hands and legs in responses to attack. Law enforcement officers or soldiers are trained to use the gun in response to visual threatening via the same nervous reflex pathway.
Somatic reflexes can be trained or acquired as a result a result of practice and learning or training.
Parkinson's symptoms are associated with cerebellum reflexes when the dopamine neurons of the thalamus fails to control the somatomotoring nerves and the cerebellum reflexes take over the responses to the random inputs from the skeletal (somatic) or visceral (autonomic) sensory nerves
Autonomic reflexes stimulate effectors of the autonomic nervous system to respond the skeletal (somatic) or visceral (autonomic) sensory nerves. The visceral (autonomic) sensory nerves can also produce a dermatome on the skin via the interneuron reflex arc.
If you successfully train the spinocerebellum reflex pathway for the Qigong breathing, next time you see a beautiful, attractive, naked girl, and you can switch the autonomic reflex response of your prostate to a somatic response of your tailbone. I mean, sexual stimulation won't activate your prostate nerve (sympathetic, from T12-L3) to cook prostate fluids (as a part of semen in ejaculation), the crystal clear semen; instead, the motoring nervous flow (efferent) goes to your tailbone to recharge the sacral nerves S1-S5 and and coccygeal Co. so that you can circulate nervous energy as Qi back to your spine and brain.
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Added on May 5th, 2016
Last updated: May 26th, 2018