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This channel is useful for over all world investors or traders. This channel provide to you world market prediction correctly. The presentation is based on Hindu spiritual shashtra "Shiva swarodaya vigyan" based on five elements theory, which gives exact prediction related to daily life, Future, diseases and market movements .

Tattva-vetta Shri Pareshansa ji is only one and first person in the world who is forecasting about forex market like Equity , derivative, commodity and currency.

Russian, Canadan , European, Japanese, USA, UKA , India etc all investors are invited in this channel.
This channel wellcomes all of you.

If some one wants to learn "tattva Gyan "[ the Five elements theory ] can contact to us.
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The description of breathing channels (nadis) and elements is found in many religious texts. Many sages (yogis) know this, but they are deprived of their actual benefits. Some experts of nadis (swar shastri) have been able to understand the depth of the nadis(breathing channel), yet the elements are to be fully understood.
They don't know how nadis work in all fields of profit. These nadis (breathing channel) are not only beneficial in the fields of spiritual, health, remedies but also profitable in getting much wealth.
As we know, the process of breathing in humans is done through the nostrils of the nose. Most of the time in this activity, one nostril is active and the other nostril remains closed. If breath flows through the left nostril it means the lunar channel (swar) is active. If breath flows through the right nostril, then it should be considered to be pingala nadi active, also known as solar channel (swar).
If the breath alters the nostril, then the flow of pranavayu (breath) is the same in both the nostrils till some time, it is called sushumna nadi is activated. But it is not enough to just identify the swaras or nadis, but identify the five elements in it and get benefit by analyzing them.
In fact, the nadis (breathing channel) are the outer covering of elements. The actual game comes in elements. The Pranavayu (breath) flows in these nadis (channel) in different ways, which are considered different elements.
As we know , the entire universe is made up of only five elements like fire, water, air, earth and ether. The human body is also made up of the same elements. In a time of duration only one element is predominant while the other elements are secondary. Which element is dominant in the body, is the reason for the occurrence of an event in the universe . Each element has a special identity and nature that causes the incident according to its.
It is said that the analyst of elements (Tattva gayani) is the person who is capable of surprising others by getting excessive benefits from any accidental occurrence avoiding losses. Our intention is to provide economical, social and spiritual benefits to man all over the world by giving the knowledge of five elements theory. The well knower of these elements can predict any capital market movements, because every element has a different property and effects in the markets. Whose prediction will never be proved wrong.
We are covering top exchanges of the world, India, Canada, China,United Kingdom, Eurozone, Hong Kong, China, Japan, United States etc. exchanges are in our focus. We are trying to give much profit to all investors and traders.

All investors of any market are invited.
We Welcome all curious people.

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