The Art of Tai Chi

The art of Tai Chi can have many meanings for different people. For some it is all about the power of the internal energy and harnessing that power, called the Qi (Chi) to use this life force in fighting applications. Others practice Tai Chi for health and longevity. A daily practice allows them to age gracefully and prevent illness. Then there are those who may enjoy the beauty of the movements. I love to move in the beautiful ways of Tai Chi.

I play with the energy that surrounds me and I mix it with the energy within me. It gives me emotional, physical, and mental balance. It is a means to connect with a greater spiritual community, with a higher energy that is within me. It gives me emotional, physical and mental strength to be the best version of me. It isn’t important that Tai Chi for you isn’t the same as it is for another, what you get out of your daily practice is your own treasure and that is all that matters. That is the beauty of Tai Chi. Visit website
Added on December 7th, 2019
Last updated: March 17th, 2020