The Art of Qigong Meditation - Thich Man Tue


Thich Man Tue ( Insight) who is sharing the Qigong at Blue Cliff Monastery, Pine Bush, New York...
He is enjoying Qigong every day and would like to share with everyone who can not come to Blue Cliff Monastery at this difficult time of Corona Virus.
This is just a sharing based on his experiences of practicing Qigong meditation every day to improve his body and mind health.
Hopefuly this can be expired you to enjoy Exercise daily.

Learn more about Qigong Meditation by Follow links below :
-Daily Massage movement Qigong:
-Warming up Movement:
-The 8 Movement Shaolin qigong:
-Follow Qigong Meditation chanel :
Music back ground : Piano ( Da Ve, Da Toi) by Bao Tich ( asked for Permission)
Video recorded, edited, and Performed b...