The 1st in the series of free Tai chi videos Open/Begin the Tai Chi

The opening moves in Cheng Man Ching Tai chi.

Please seek medical advice before you embark upon your Tai chi

The reason for these short videos is to help you replay as many times as you wish, Pause practise , Play practise.

By learning each of thew short videos with each one being a pearl you can then string them together.

These links are for two recommended book of Cheng Man Ching's Tai chi chuan. Two different authors but equally good and good to have both in your tai chi libaray.

This link is for a hard back copy of Cheng Man Chings Tai chi.

This link is for a paper back book by Douglas Wile Visit website
Added on July 17th, 2019
Last updated: March 5th, 2020