Tantra 101: Foundations for Energy Mastery -Tantric + Somatic Yoga & Qi Gong class - 1 of 6

Foundations for Energy Mastery is a LIVE 6 session series, featuring a powerful blend of Tantric + Somatic technologies, Yoga & Qi Gong, Breath work and Mediation curated for solo practice.

The focus here is on restoring the natural capacity for the energy of the breath to reach the lower abdominal centres. THIS IS ESSENTIAL! Without this, we are completely cut off from our own POWER!

We primarily focus on de-armouring or releasing the hardness and stuckness all around the lower back and hips utilizing the methods of Critical Alignment Yoga + Therapy. This hardness isn't JUST in the lower back and hips... NOPE! It goes DEEP into the core of the body, often leaving us feeling numb, and severely disrupting the flow of our ENERGIES!

We do some work in this session, after releasing and re-patterning, to stabalize the deep core AKA the postural midline.

This session ends with some simple breath work and a mudra meditation to help balance the primary flows of ENERGY (prana + apana)

Basically...It's a real good time.

Please enjoy these COMPLETE practices. There is so much goodness in these 6 sessions, it would keep you busy for the next handful of years dialing in on the subtleties contained within. It is our gift to YOU.

In the final session, I will be teaching Kriya Yoga Proper. The first Kriya technique, in a series, as taught by the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda, Jesus Christ + more. It is perhaps one of the most ESSENTIAL "techniques" of the science of Self-Realization!

Session 5 + 6 will be available on our website October 2020


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Added on December 14th, 2020
Last updated: March 6th, 2021