Tai Chi Walk - close up on legs

Tai Chi Walking is excellent to improve balance and gain leg strength. This video is for beginner level. Practice slowly and feel the weight shift between legs. For more Tai Chi Videos visit Tai Chi Rejuvenation @ http://www.Facebook.com/TaiChiRejuvenation

Michael Raynor and Tai Chi Rejuvenation recommend that you consult your physician before engaging in this or any exercise routine. You understand that physical activity can pose a risk, and if you feel discomfort of any kind please stop the exercise. The creators of this video will not be held responsible, in any way, for injury or consequence that may result by following the instructions on this video. Viewers who engage in the activities described in the video do so at their own risk.
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Added on July 24th, 2014
Last updated: March 23rd, 2020