Tai Chi: The Way of Yang Lu-chan Volume 4 Erle Montaigue

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Tai Chi: Secrets: What Yang Lu-ch'an Knew: Putting It All Together Volume 4 NB:// Series Now available to everyone.

This is the stuff Tai Chi is made of. This is where the "lights go on"! Ending the 2nd third and beginning the 3rd Third. The third 3rd of YLC form sees an even smaller circle set of movements. The hands are raised up a little higher to indicate that the "Qi is raising up the back" Also shown are the devastating dim-mak applications of small frame.
I began my Videos with the idea that I would not hold things back like others would. So as you can see, I now have more videos on every possible subject of the Internal Fighting/Healing arts than any other instructor and was also the FIRST person ever to put Tai Chi onto Video way back.
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Added on November 16th, 2014
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