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Tai Chi Music - Eternal Chi - Bet MEditation - Flow Motion

'Flow Motion' by Harvey Summers is taken from the Spiritual Vitamins CD 'Tai Chi' which is a flowing, atmospheric and melodic collection of music featuring authentic Chinese flutes, vocals, drums and ethereal synthesizers.
'Tai Chi' is a graceful, health giving art form practiced daily by millions, young and old alike. The form has a slow motion, dance like quality that hides its true combat origins. Through the gradual building of one's inner energy know as Chi, one discovers how soft truly becomes hard and how in combat, an ounce of energy can defeat thousands of pounds of force.
'Tai Chi' is know as an internal art as its emphasis is on internal Chi Power. Its Applications range from combat through health aspects to meditation.
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Added on November 14th, 2018
Last updated: September 8th, 2019