Tai Chi for Everyone

This video starts with Dr Lam demonstrating 6 of the 12 Movement Tai Chi for Arthritis program.
He explains what tai chi is. The myth that it is thought to be complex, difficult to learn, mysterious and beautiful.
Professor Callahan from the University of North Carolina has done a study using the 12 Movement Tai Chi for Arthritis, it shows the tai chi group have learned the program and gained significant health benefits in 8 weeks. The study proves the program to be easy to learn, not complex and quick to give benefits.
Dr Lam then describes his tai chi journey. He has arthritis from 13 years old due to chronic malnutrition, and how tai chi has helped his arthritis as well as transformed his health. That is why he developed a burning desire to share Tai Chi for Health with as many people as possible. He has dedicated himself to making tai chi easier to learn, more enjoyable and delivering health benefits more quickly.
Dr Lam and his colleagues found that no matter what form of tai chi, the key reason why tai chi works so well for health is a set of principles. These principles go back to how tai chi was created. It was created based on the law of nature. Once you understand the principles and incorporate them into the tai chi forms, even a very short one, like 12 Movements, will bring the learner many health benefits and enjoyment. He explains how the principles work at bringing health benefits and enjoyment to the practitioners.
To substantiate their findings, Dr Lam and his colleagues have participated in many research studies and published over 30 articles in peer-review medical journals. Over the last fifteen years there have been over 500 medical studies which have shown tai chi improves almost all aspects of health: relaxation, fall prevention, lowering cholesterol level and high blood pressure, preventing diabetes and cardiovascular disease and more. Almost all those studies use smaller, shorter tai chi sets, and they deliver benefits relatively quickly.
There are many teachers and institutions adapting shorter, health orientated tai chi sets, and teaching them in a learner friendly way.
Dr Lam and colleagues have also made tai chi accessible to everyone with almost any disability.
At the conclusion of his talk, Dr Lam demonstrates the more vigorous classical Chen Style to show that at the age of 72, after 59 years with arthritis, he is still becoming stronger, fitter and more flexible.

Dr Paul Lam, a family physician in Sydney, Australia, is dedicated to sharing tai chi for health improvement. He has composed several Tai Chi for Health programs and trained thousands of instructors. His programs have improved millions of people’s quality of lives. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Council On Aging, Arthritis Foundation of America, Australia, and UK and many health departments around the world support his programs. Dr Lam has written Overcoming Arthritis, Tai Chi for Diabetes, Tai Chi for Beginners and the 24 Forms, the Tai Chi Way and Teaching Tai Chi Effectively.
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Added on February 28th, 2020
Last updated: April 15th, 2020