Tai Chi for Beginners | Qi Gong Warm Up | Dr Paul Lam Technique

Tai Chi for Beginners | Qi Gong Warm Up | Dr Paul Lam Technique https://www.annswansonwellness.com

Are you a qigong beginner? This tai chi warm up and qi gong warm up video is perfect for those looking for qigong daily routines and easy tai chi exercises. Join Ann Swanson as she takes you through this Dr Paul Lam tai chi for beginners routine. Ann also offers free tai chi videos and qigong exercises, and she is a fellow student of Dr Paul Lam. You can join Ann in her monthly tai chi class for free, perfect for tai chi beginners! www.annswansonwellness.com/taichi

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Added on August 24th, 2018
Last updated: May 26th, 2019