Tai Chi for Beginners 05 - "Awareness"


Tai Chi Chuan helps develop our awareness both inside of ourselves and around us. This subtle awareness helps us cultivate health from the inside out, as well as become more attuned with nature and our surroundings. In this episode we’ve added the following Tai Chi Chuan movement patterns: "Jade Lady Works Shuttles," "Fan Back," and "Parry Block and Punch." Learning the martial arts applications of these movements can be fun, but remember they are for demonstration purposes only. Once you understand the martial applications (Yang energy), let go of them and let the energy flow through the movements so your practice comes back to the healing aspect (Yin energy) of the art, which is why I believe most of us are practicing Tai Chi Chuan. To learn more from Dr. Daniel Hoover, DC, LAc, MH, CCSP®, please visit his website at SOHMA.org.