Tai Chi Explosive Fighting Application

Tai Chi Explosive Fighting Application Video. This can be applied with a double or a single punch. Thanks for watching!

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Here's some information about Xiaoyao Tai Chi from Xiaoyao's website:
Stephen Tang, PhD

July 22nd, 2018

​What exactly is the Xiaoyao Tai Chi System?​

It is a group of internal martial art routines consisting of Yang-style Tai Chi, Chen-style Tai Chi, Baguazhang, short weapons (straight sword, broad sword, short staff, butterfly swords), Tai-Chi Ruler, Tai-Chi Bang (short stick), neigung, silk-reeling, fang-sung kung (loosening up) and other elements.

​What does Xiaoyao mean?

Xiaoyao means a free and unfettered state.

What is the basis of Xiaoyao Tai Chi System?

The Xiaoyao Tai Chi System did not appear out of thin air. The backbone is the celebrated Hunyuan Tai Chi developed by the late Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. The overriding theory is the water-nature principles formulated by the late legendary Grandmaster Wang Zhuanghong. Xiaoyao Tai Chi System is thus the result of fusing these two attributes together. It is a one-of-kind system with some outstanding unique features.

Uniqueness of Xiaoyao Tai Chi System:

Implement 13 classical potentials defined by late Grandmaster Wang Zhuanghong.
Maintain dynamic balance and central equilibrium at all time.
Change body language through persistent practice.
Train body sensitivity toward spontaneous conditional reflex reactive to disturbance.
Observe oneness, effortlessness, and duality during form execution.
Set high priority on health enhancement and longevity; ignore martial implication.

Objective of the Xiaoyao Tai Chi Website:​

To share unique features of Xiaoyao Tai Chi System with Tai Chi lovers worldwide.

*Note from Chief Editor: Dr. Tang has added his personal translation of Yang Cheng Fu’s 10 Essentials 太極拳十要 for your reference. It can be found on our Tai Chi Concepts page.

Embrace your inner smile.

Filmed at Shaolin Lomita. Thanks YouTube.

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