T'ai Chi Chuan with TT Liang - excerpt


"T'ai Chi Chuan with TT Liang" - excerpt

Movie by Demian
© December 2010, Demian
Sweet Corn Productions, Seattle, WA

This excerpt is from the film I produced in 1971. It runs 1 min.30 sec.

The film from which it is extracted -- "T'ai Chi Chuan with Master T.T. Liang" -- runs 28 minutes.
It is available on a DVD called "Two by Demian" from Amazon:

The DVD has 5 T'ai Chi dances, and the first one makes the names of the postures show when you click on the "Subtitle" on your remote.

Altogether, Master Liang performs five T'ai Chi dances. Two of these are sword dances, and two are two-person dances with his assistant, Alice Crooks. Master Liang (Jan. 23, 1900-Aug. 19, 2002) lived and taught in the U.S. about 30 years. The T'ai Chi documentary contains my brief interview of Master Liang. I was a student of his in the ...