T'ai Chi Chih: Six Healing Sounds by Justin Stone

In this historical footage, T'ai Chi Chih originator, Justin Stone, gives instruction on how to perform "Six Healing Sounds" (one of 19 movements and 1 pose that comprise T'ai Chi Chih, a moving meditation he developed in 1974). For general information about T'ai Chi Chih and its benefits, please visit http://taichichih.org. To purchase a 90-minute instructional DVD with all the movements taught by Justin Stone, please visit http://gkpub.com/dvds.php or call 1-888-540-7459. To purchase the mobile app, T'ai Chi Chih!, with instruction and videos by Justin, visit the iTunes App Store.
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Added on September 10th, 2019
Last updated: April 23rd, 2020