Tai Chi 13 Posture Front Demonstration - 太极十三势正面示范

The 13 Postures is the foundation of Tai Chi Quan. Without the 13 Postures there is neither the Quan (form) nor the push-hands. It consists of the first 8 postures - energies and the Five Elements (the last 5 postures - steps. The 13 postures are:

01 Peng -- Ward Off
02 Lu -- Roll Back
03 Ji -- Press
04 An -- Push
05 Tsai -- Pluck
06 Lieh -- Split
07 Zhou -- Elbow
08 Kao -- Shoulder
09 Advancing Forward Steps
10 Retreating Backwards Steps
11 Stepping to the Left
12 Stepping to the Right
13 Zhong Ding -- Central Equilibrium


掤 、捋、挤、按、采 、挒 、肘、靠,前进、后退、左顾、右盼、中定


掤 捋 挤 按 拦 雀 尾
后 退 步 倒 倦 肱
左 右 云 手 顾 和 盼
采 挒 肘 靠 和 中 定

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Added on December 14th, 2019
Last updated: June 29th, 2020