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Swinging the Arms, (c) Old Oak Taiji School, Dec 2011

Swinging the Arms is a common Qigong to integrate the body and invigorate the qi. The primary movement is in the hip joint, but it is initiated in the feet. The body rotates on a vertical axis. The arms are totally empty, tapping the torso to vibrate the internal organs. Make sure to keep the root settled downward even as the qi starts to rise. Also make sure to keep the loaded knee properly bent and aligned with the foot. This is a good Qigong to practice at the beginning of a practice session.

1. Basic: weight on both feet, no weight shift
2. Internal Rotation: shift weight and turn torso into the weight shift
3. External Rotation: shift weight and turn torso out of the weight shift
4: Single-Leg: no weight shift, includes both internal and external hip-rotation
5: Basic: return to basic, put it in neutral (don't turn on the brakes!) and settle into stillness

Note: This video is intended to augment personal instruction at Old Oak Taiji School. Please be advised that a video is not a substitute for personal instruction.

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