Spleen Energy Deficiency (Spleen Qi Xu) TCM Explained

Spleen Qi Xu - Spleen energy deficiency is a very common TCM diagnosis, In this video I will help explain what it is from both a classical Chinese medicine perspective of a weakness of the earth element and the TCM concepts.

This video covers aspects of healthy and unhealthy Spleen qi / function and spleen dampness. what happens when he Earth gets overwhelmed with water? Dampness or water logged earth energy.

Common symptoms of Spleen energy deficiency (Spleen Qi Xu) can be bloating, diarrhea, gas, tiredness, low appetite and food intolerance. Also some people find feeling anxiety and worried are common mental health symptoms that happen when the spleen /earth element is weak, it can't regulate the normal functions of thought.

I welcome your questions and comments. let me know what areas of Chinese medicine you would like to be explained in an upcoming video.

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IMPORTANT: This video, as with all videos on the The Chinese Medicine Podcast are NOT a replacement for a health professional diagnosis. While Marie may answer your questions, all answers are not of a professional consultation level - it is impossible to check your pulse through the internet, hence Chinese medicine cannot be practiced properly through the internet. If you have any undiagnosed symptoms, or changes in your health condition The Chinese Medicine Podcast urges you to see your own doctor, GP, Chinese medicine practitioner, acupuncturist or other health professional as appropriate. If it is an emergency call 000 in Australia. If you are unsure if this advice is appropriate for your individual situation ask your own practitioner before applying any diet or lifestyle techniques /concepts discussed in this video.

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Added on January 19th, 2020
Last updated: March 1st, 2020