Six Healing Sounds of Qi Gong

Rachel Johnson of In Tune Reiki demonstrates the Beijing Version of the Six Healing Sounds of Qi Gong, as taught by to her by Janis Arch. The video includes the phonetic pronunciation of each healing sound:
1. "Shu" is for Liver
2. "Ka" is for Heart
3. "Hu" is for Spleen
4. "Sha" is for Lungs
5. "Chri" is for Kidneys
6. "Shi" is for the Triple Warmer

Rachel is a certified sound therapist and teaching this technique and many more in her vocal sound healing workshops in Bloomington, Indiana. Visit her website: for more information. Tune your mind, body, and spirit with In Tune Reiki! Visit website
Added on July 11th, 2014
Last updated: May 27th, 2019