Shaolin Tiger & Dragon Qigong

Master Qin Xiping (秦西平) is a leading proponent of Shaolin Qigong. Born in 1958 in China’s Northern Province of Shanxi, Qin first went to Shaolin Temple at the tender age of sixteen. He now teaches numerous forms of unique Shaolin Qigong beyond the usual Muscle-Tendon Change Classic (yijinjing 易筋经) and Eight-Section Brocade (baduanjin 八段錦).
Outstanding among them is a guarded transmission – Tiger and Dragon Qigong – or more formally Hu Long Shuang Xing Yang Sheng Gong (Tiger Dragon Twin Pattern Raising Life Merit 虎龍双型養生功). He learned Qigong from many Shaolin masters over the years, but he credits Shi Yongkai (釋永開) as the primary teacher for this particular lineage. Here he demonstrates an excerpts from the Shaolin Tiger and Dragon Qigong routine.

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