Relaxing in Tai Chi, The Inner Meanings: Energy Arts Training Circle

In this clip Bruce Frantzis lets you in on some of the internal focuses of tai chi, relaxing every part of your body with your mind. He explains in depth how to do that through moving and while standing.

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Time Stamps -

Learn the difference between a "beginner in tai chi" and a "raw beginner of tai chi"

1:50 Tai Chi is bout relaxation.

2:28 The goal of a beginner of tai chi. How you can check for your muscle relaxation level.

5:21 Are some parts of your body harder to relax than others?

Work through relaxing each body part in stages.

8:30 Once you get relaxed in 1 position, you may notice that s you move to the next position, you tighten up. You will need to pay close attention to your body and when you notice the tension, hold your...