Quick 7-Min Qi Gong Routine for Healthcare Workers to Replenish Energy


We wanted to give a special thanks to all the healthcare workers and caregivers helping us right now.

Here's a short, 7-min routine you can use to step away and recharge and replenish your energy.

Do a couple exercises to cleanse stress from your body... and replace it with calm, collected, energy.

You'll learn three simple exercises you can use to recharge your energy any time you need. You can use these exercises by themselves or all at once to help energize your body and calm your mind:

Spinal Chord Breathing. This is a great exercise to clear tension out of the upper back and neck. It helps transform stress into vital life-force energy.

Shaking. You'll see athletes shake before a stressful event. Shaking helps release pent-up energy and helps you feel calm and relaxed.

Centering. This exercise is great to do at the end fo your day. If you're a caretaker, you probably invest a lot of energy into other ...