Qigong Workshop Blackpool - The Six Healing Sounds

Qigong Workshop Blackpool - The Six Healing Sounds with Qigong Master Simon Blow.

Date: Sunday 15th July from 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Venue: Yoga Blackpool Studio. 1a Red Bank Road, Blackpool, FY2 9HN

The Six Healing Sounds or ‘Liu Zi Jue’ is an ancient health cultivation practice from China, with a rich proud history of over 2000 years.

The classics say: ‘there is one way to breathe in and six ways to breathe out’.

Learn gentle movements and mantras for the internal organs of the body: Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Kidney and San Jiao (Triple Heater).

The Six Healing Sounds gently vibrates and massages the internal organs, clears stagnation and stale energy from the body, and harmonises the emotions to create a state of inner peace.

With regular practice Qigong helps cleanse the body of toxins.

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Added on December 27th, 2018
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