Qigong for the Liver

A set of exercises aimed at improving flow in the liver meridian.

Running the meridian itself backwards to flush it out, then bringing clean fresh energy in three times in the correct direction of flow.

Do ensure if you flush a meridian that you always re-establish its flow in the right direction.

From the Ba Du'an Jin, a focused exercise for the liver. For more practice here see my other video on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGL3E0wqeeE

The liver processes anger, helps you respond when boundaries have been violated, and in a healthy state can easily find its way forward through obstacles. Punch in whatever way suits you, it doesn't have to be as relaxed as this if you have some frustration that needs to be expressed!

This exercise opens the sides of the body. Breathe out frustration, stuckness, anger, resentment and breathe in clean balanced flow.

Helps loosen up the hips, and bringing the arm movements in smooths out the liver energy.

Helpful for women with menstrual issues.

Inhale clean energy and push away your difficulties, troubles or frustrations. Be very clear in your push. Again this is a physical demonstration of your boundaries - so push in whatever way you need to to sort the issue out.

Liver meridian issues are common in our society. They express in depression and boundary issues as well as hormonal imbalances such as PMS.

Feeling your anger is healthy! Use qigong to process it and make sure it doesn't get taken out on the people near to you.

A healthy liver plans and carries out goals efficiently and calmly, and doesn't get knocked off balance when things don't go our way.

For wu-ji students - sorry! I'm waiting for better weather. :)

About Amanda: I have been practising tai chi and qigong for twenty years and I'm also a meditation teacher. I love to pass this knowledge on - it is truly awesome.

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Added on December 4th, 2019
Last updated: May 22nd, 2020