Qigong for Healing (YMAA) Lisa B. O'Shea - Beginner Friendly


The Chinese word qi means energy, and it refers to the bioelectric energy which flows through every cell of the body. Qigong (chi kung), or "energy work", is the practice of cultivating the energy in the body and harmonizing it with the natural energy around us.

In this easy-to-follow program, Lisa B. O'Shea demystifies this healing tradition in a logical, straightforward manner. You will learn to sense, to develop, and to control this subtle and pervasive spark of life, a skill that often leads practitioners to abundant levels of energy.

You will learn to clear stagnant energy in the body, resolve physical, psychological and emotional issues at their energetic roots, and stimulate the body's energy channels to heal yourself or a partner.

Locate and remove blockages that interfere with health and vitality.

Increase overall energy by nourishing the body with qi.

Learn the highly effective Rising Lotus Medical Qigong form.

Qigong can be practiced by people of all ages, and requires no prior experience or special abilities. A little practice each day can result in a profound improvement in your health.

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Added on August 29th, 2013
Last updated: March 26th, 2015