The purpose of this video is to help our students remember the sequence they have been thought in our classes.

A set in video is performed faster as I didn't want to make video too long.please try to practice in a slower motion.

Five Animals /Wu Qin Xi is one of the most ancient sets of medical qigong. These are playful and dynamic exercises which imitate movements of five animals. Each of animal, Tiger, Deer, Bear, Ape and Bird, is connected with one of five elements and with our internal organs. Exercises are beneficial for our internal organs and they increase the circulation of qi throughout the body.

The presented set is very simple and short and therefore it is quite popular. There are many variations of Five Animals, which can differ in number of exercises, in movements, in sequence of animals or they imitate different animals. In the future we will show you also some parts of longer and more demanding variation, Five Animals Sports.

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Added on January 18th, 2020
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