Qigong & Acutouch for PTSD & Emotional Stress Part 1

Part 1 contains important background information for the practice.
Part 2 will be on the directions for how to perform this practice.

The intense emotions from shock and trauma get lodges in one's muscles. From the use of shaking qigong and well points one can help get this emotional load out of your muscles and out of your body.

When one is shocked or traumatized they are affected deeply and systemically. One of the outcomes of this is being blocked from connecting with one's spirit. This can keep a person from feeling joy and inspiration. This disconnection from one's spirit can cause a person to hunger for for the loss and this often drives people to drugs and other addictions.

Another possible outcome is the spirit getting blocked from it's home. This can make a person feel perpetually restless, unstable and ill at ease.

The last part of this exercise is after the shaking qigong and well points use. As a natural outcome of shaking, one goes into a meditative state. This is the perfect time for one to work at reconnecting with one's spirit.

I introduce acupoints to hold for this purpose. One of the points used is called the Spirit Gate because it opens the gateway to the Spirit's home.

This set of exercises takes one from the physical to the spiritual. From one's darkness and pain to one's inner light. This set of tools are a simple yet powerful practice for those dealing with shock, trauma, PTSD or even highly emotional and stressful situations.

On top of these wonders is the fact that shaking is a great general exercise. When done for just shedding some stress or getting some exercise, one does not need to add the spirit connection exercise. One can shake as a stand alone exercise or use it with just the well points. Your choice. Your practice. Adapt it to your needs.
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Added on November 3rd, 2019
Last updated: May 17th, 2020