Qi Gong Healing Workout - Cleansing part1


The Healing Workout: Chi Kung (Qi Gong) - soothing easy-to-learn exercises for lasting health and vitality.

There are three workouts in the Chi Kung program:
1. Cleansing
2. Cultivating
3. Refining

The sharpness of the mind, the strength of the body, and the clarity of the spirit are all essential for health and vitality. Chi Kung exercises work on all three.

Chi Kung training combines the quiescent state of meditation with graceful Ta Chi-like movements in order to form energy building exercises. So effective are these exercises that today in China, Chi Kung is prescribed for ailments and illnesses as readily as medicine is administered in the West. So powerful are these exercises that for centuries Martial Artists have use Chi Kung to empower their fighting and athletic abilities. Yet these exercises are simple, gentle, easy-to-learn and are for all ages and levels of fitness and coordination.

This program comb...