Push Hands Practice (Part 2 of 2)

Some Push Hands practice to train "listening sensitivity" in our school studio back in September 2007.

For those who find this video slow and boring, it's obvious that we're not going all out to get our partners off balance. Instead, we're trying to work constructively together on a specific exercise drill to improve our "listening sensitivity" (ie. hear direction and amplitude of partner's force vector and be aware how that plays on the dynamics of both our bodies in motion).

It's certainly easier to stay calm to work on things like listening sensitivity and staying grounded in a relaxed practice/training environment. I realized shortly after this, how much harder it is to stay focused when you're under pressure in a competition scenerio. [see my competition video: "Push Hands at Canadian Open Taiji Championship 2007 - Vincent Dat-Wun Seah"] And as a result your skill level will seem to drop and you find it difficult to stay true to proper Tai Chi princip...