Prophets of The Apocolypse - Sinister Stricken's lyrics
Sinister Stricken's Verse:

'I dwell in the reservoirs of burnt out stars
Center of the universe dispersing blades of fury
Come equipped with the swift style that shows no mercy
Obsorbing endless misery my face displays the tragedy
Seven rays lights we bearers of the hidden darkness
From forbidden realms unseen dimensions casting curses
Mystic adept occult scholar starry messenger
Chaos sorcerer brought the torture falling into order
Divine revelations fires burning in my eyes
Dancing trickster hold the elixor desire of the wise
Delcared insane deranged unknown and unexplained
Enduced in madness start to recite my quatrains
Aligned with the grandis plan im Comte Saint Germain
My thoughts travel backwards spread out and expand
Grand architect kabbalah interlect dark enchanter
Mumble incoherent verses aftermath of disiaster
Ascended Agatha hidden master secret chiefs
Ordained witch high priest took flight now deceased
Transendance through the elements flooding bloody retribution
Delusions of persecution till the date of execution
Twisted cobras intwined around my staff visions from the past
That kept skeptics disputing im the breathe of Rasputin
And broken angel wings buried inside the scrying crystal
Heinrich Himmler's pistol embedded in my skin tissue
Brought darkness at noon with reflected prestige
Express these complex techniques of ecstasy
Hyper cosmic sun worship we blazing stars
Eccentric and bizzare a thousand battle scars' Visit website
Added on December 29th, 2019
Last updated: May 11th, 2020