PEAK FLASH 2.0 Taichi Underground Review! Lou Williams Basketball Shoe from China/Lazada

Performance review of Lou Williams' signature basketball shoe from Peak, a Chinese shoe company. Featuring Taichi and P-Soon cushioning.

UPDATE: Turns out the outsole not that durable for rough outdoors. I'd say it's just average. I play on rough concrete and I already see some wearing on my right shoe (compared to my left). There's also a discomfort on the last lace loop. It's quite stiff and there's not a lot of padding on the collar area so it's a bit uncomfortable especially if you lock it down hard with the strap. I ended up just loosening the strap (and just lock down via the laces). It helped a bit but it's still there. So if possible try it out first. But still amazing cushioning, great for knee recovery days. Follow me on instagram @xiaobasketball for more updates on this review!

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