Origins and Characteristics of Xing Yi Quan – Spirit Dragon Institute


Xing Yi Quan is an internal styles of Chinese martial arts. Internal styles of Chinese martial arts are known for their emphasis on Qi development as well as martial capabilities. In modern times many people practice Internal styles for health and fitness. Xing translates as form or shape and Yi translates as intention or mind. Quan means fist or boxing. So literally the name Xing Yi Quan means form and intention boxing.

There are several different theories on the origin of Xing Yi Quan. One such legend says that the style was founded by the Chinese General Yue Fei who lived between 1103 and 1142. General Yue Fei is renowned for his loyalty and is also credited with developing the Eagle Claw style as well as several Qigong sets. Many people claim that the story of Yue Fei founding the style of Xing Yi is just legend. There is a lack of evidence and it is a fairly common practice to attribute the founding of a style to a prolific figure in history.