MTG39: Bagua Essentials Volume Two: Hand & Feet: Exactly what the hands & feet are doing in great detail. Also some techniques using fa-jing. The hands & feet are the grounding for Bagwa and so this video is very important in this series. Covered in the most intricate form.
In Bagwazhang, the feet and hands move independently to each other sub-consciously. The feet and hands are obviously the most important area of one's Bagwa training. This method of stepping and use of the palms will enhance any martial system as many of the Karate systems have come from Bagwazhang. Bagwa has the fastest stepping methods of any martial art and although the hands move independently to the feet, they both work in complete harmony automatically to defeat an attacker using his own energy against him. Visit website
Added on March 4th, 2018
Last updated: April 7th, 2018