Liver Qi Stagnation - 3 easy things you can do

Here are three easy things you can do for the symptoms of Liver Qi / Liver chi / liver energy Stagnation common diagnosis in TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine).
Actually, if you watch to the end there are 5 things - a bonus diet and mental health one that you can use to combat the annoying symptoms of Liver Qi stagnation. This video may hep with understanding stress, certainly how stress affects the body from a Chinese medicine (TCM) perspective.

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Liver Qi stagnation or Gallbladder Qi stagnation or Wood Element stagnation (as discussed this is all essentially the same), is often associated with Stress - headaches, musculosketal pain and symptoms such as sighing, hypochondrial pain (tightness/ pain around the ribs) and general anger, discomfort feeling annoyed, frustrated and sometimes can affect sleep and our bowels through other pathways in the body.

1. Original video (sound needs to be turned way up)

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Added on December 19th, 2019
Last updated: April 13th, 2020