Kundalini Meditation & Qi Gong Deer Exercise For Women's Sexual Energy

Yoga Instructor: Stefanie Marco

Regular practice of kundalini yoga can greatly enhance your sexual energy. Asanas in kundalini yoga are known to help those who suffer from sexual dysfunction. This form of yoga will improve your ability to sense and understand your partner’s sexual needs. The postures in kundalini yoga also help to strengthen pelvic muscles which can be helpful when you are attempting to delay your orgasm while having sex.

Kundalini Yoga Instructor Stefanie takes you through a powerful Kundalini sexual energy breast massage yoga practice using breathing and massage to access Kundalini chakra energy, building its potency, releasing any blockages and move the energy upwards.

This yoga practice will leave you feeling balanced, powerful and open..

This Kundalini yoga practice is great for at home workouts during coronavirus lockdown, to improve your mind and body.