Journey Walking Up Taoist Wudang Mountain in China
Journey to China and the Wudang Mountains where we train Tai Chi, Qigong and practice meditation. We also meet very interesting people, even wise people who live in caves on Wudang Mountain. Plus you get to eat some of the best mountain grown, organic vegetables which is absolutely delicious!

This video begins as we are about to start our accent walking over 10,000 stairs to get to where Golden Summit is at the top of Wudang Mountain. For hundreds of years people have climbed Wudang seeking enlightenment.

You can walk which takes around 3 hours of breath taking scenery as you will see from the video clips I have taken along the way. Or you can take a bus most of the way and then a cable car to almost the top. This is a great option for people who are suffering form injury or illness and still have a chance of making i to the sacred top, where the scenery is out of this world! - Terry Hodgkinson, Tao Travels - Journeys that Enlighten the Soul.

Golden Summit History:
The peak attraction in Wudang is Jinjian (the Golden Summit), which shines as the alpine range's highest and most sacred point.
The construction of holy edifices on the Golden Summit began with an order from Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) Emperor Li Shimin (626-649).

The highest peak of Wudang Shan is the Sky Piller Peak which measures 1,612 m.

Other Places We Visit on Wudand Mountain:
The Purple Heaven Palace: This temple was a filming sight for the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The courtyard of this temple is used in the mornings by our Tia Chi school that is located within the mountain.

Carefree Valley: Though it is much lower on the mountain than most of the other sights, Care Free Valley is probably the most beautiful location in all of Wudang Shan. Dragon Spring Lake is located at the beginning of the trails that lead into Care Free Valley. This lake is one of the locations used in the 2010 film The Karate Kid with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. The path that leads into the valley follows a small peaceful stream that cuts between the mountains and winds forest covered hills.

Dragon Spring Lake:
This is a fantastic place for natural beauty and also to get up close with monkeys. One needs to be-careful however, as some of them may try to grab your food.

Wudang Martial Arts:
According to legend Wudang Shan is the birthplace of Tai Chi and the Wudang style of martial arts. This style of martial arts includes Tai Chi and is distinct to southern China while the Shoalin school of martial arts is much more prominent in northern China.We will be training with at one of the oldest Tai Chi schools on Wudang Mountain. This is a real blessing and a real treat to be able to watch their teachers move like silk as they demonstrate so many of their Qigong and Tai Chi forms.

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Added on June 27th, 2017
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